Shikra Safaris is one of the most  exciting hunting destinations you can find in Southern Africa.

Kotie’s wife, Hanlie, is responsible for the administration of the company, as well as management of all the logistics and camp cuisine. Hanlie is also an avid hunter and spends much of her time in the veld alongside Kotie.

About  Shikra

Shikra Safaris was established in 1999 by Kotie Herholdt and is a family operated business with an experienced team of professionals. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality safaris to ensure that our clients have an unforgettable experience. Our main focus circles around personal attention and commitment during your stay to ensure an enjoyable adventure.

Kotie was born in 1960 in the Great Karoo situated in the heart of South Africa. He spent most of his early years on his family's sheep farms where, as a young boy, he developed a passion for hunting, shooting Steenbok with a .22 Mauser rifle. He has since hunted in most areas of southern Africa, accumulating decades of experience.
After school, he served 2 years in the South African Defence Force, spending his final year in an army base in Namibia's (previously known as South West Africa) Caprivi Strip. After he completed his time in the Defence Force, Kotie moved on to work in various National Parks and Game reserves, such as the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Bontebok National Park and Hans Merensky Nature Reserve as a game ranger. 

During the recent part of his career, he was also the Assistant Director for Law Enforcement and Problem Animal Control for Mpumalanga Parks Board. Here he also received a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Management and has published over 60 scientific papers and short notes on wildlife-related matters, especially on birds. 
Throughout his career as a game ranger, he hunted dangerous game on a consecutive basis and can be held accountable for close to a hundred animals of the Big 6 (including Hippopotamus). Apart from hunting the Big 5 and plains game, Kotie is also an expert on the hunting of specialist animals such as small carnivores, of which he has a large clientele all over the world.

During his years as a Professional Hunter, Kotie has hunted all over southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. He has personally hunted in many foreign countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Finland and New Zealand. From these experiences, he came to know various cultures from all around the world, aiding in making it a more personal and enjoyable experience for those that visit Shikra Safaris from around the globe. 
He also speaks basic German. 

The Team

Kotie’s son, Charl, is our main professional hunter and was raised to have a great love and respect for nature. Charl started hunting as a young boy and accompanied his father since the age of six years on many hunting safaris, including several elephant hunts. He has hunted all over Southern Africa as well as in Canada, Australia, Switzerland and several other European countries. His experience in hunting and knowledge about nature is extensive and with this, he also provides for an unforgettable safari.