Kotie Herholdt was born in 1960 in the Great Karoo situated in the heart of South Africa. He had spent most of his early years on sheep farms. He developed a passion for hunting from the early age of 6, hunting Steenbok with a .22 Mauser rifle. He has since hunted in most areas of southern Africa, accumulating altogether more than 42 years of experience.

After school, he had served 2 years in the South African Defense Force, the last year of which was spent in an army base in Namibia's (previously known as South West Africa) Caprivi Strip.

Kotie worked in many National Parks and Game Reserves during his professional career, amongst other for many years in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. He also has a Masters Degree in Wildlife Managent.

During the last 6 years in government service he was the assistant-director for Law-Enforcement and the Problem Animal Control Unit of the Mpumalanga Parks Board. During his career as a Game Ranger he hunted dangerous game more or less on a continuous basis and have accounted personally for close to a hundred animals of the Big 6 (including Hippopotamus).

He passed a Professional Hunters course in 1996, and after leaving the government service in 1999, founded Shikra Safaris. Kotie and his professional hunters strive to give the hunting clients not only a hunting experience, but also a nature experience. He is a member of the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa (PHASA).