Newsletter for 2011 Hunting Season

The year has again gone by at an incredible speed! The economic crisis has unfortunately also reached us, and, although we had fewer clients than in 2010, we nevertheless had some quality hunts and very satisfied hunters.

The season began with a visit by a younger generation hunter from Germany, Mr Florian Zieseniss and his wonderful partner Inga. They planned their SA sightseeing trip to also include a week's hunt in the Mkhunyane Reserve in the eastern Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. The hunter's main quest was for a big Kudu bull. The Kudu bull was taken after an exiting 500m stalk in the late afternoon of the first day.

To see the enjoyment on the face of Florian was something to behold. He also took a good Mountain Reedbuck on top of the big Pypklip Mountain (1900m above sea level) in the reserve. This hunt involved a long stalk followed by a 150m shot downhill. Later in the week a trophy Eland bull was also taken as well as a big Waterbuck bull. The hunt was rounded off by an Impala ram.

Two French hunters visited our hunting middle April. Although they were initially in S.A. only for a bird hunt, they quickly changed their mind after a few days and took a big Red hartebeest bull, Burchell's Zebra, a Grey Duiker and two Mountain Reedbucks. We also visited our Kwazulu-Natal hunting area where they took 2 Warthog males.

During May we hunted a Hippo bull with a hunter from Croatia. This very ethical hunter was on his second hunt with Shikra safaris. His first hunt was for a White rhino and Hippo. The hippo hunt was unsuccessful and he thus returned this year for another try. After two days of hard hunting a big bull was located in a lake near the Kruger National Park. We made a long stalk on the bull that was sleeping in the sun between some bushes, but it smelt us and disappeared into the water together with its cows. One well-placed frontal brain shot ended the quest for the bull. The tusks later measured in at over 29 inches, well above the minimum entry level for inclusion into the Rowland ward's Book of Records.

We then travelled to Mkhunyane Reserve where the hunter and his three friends also took 6 Burchell's Zebra, a 29 inch Nyala bull, 1 Springbuck, 1 Bushpig, 1 Kudu bull, 1 Common Reedbuck, 2 Mountain Reedbucks, 1 Impala, 2 Cape Fox, 1 White-tailed Mongoose, 1 Rusty spotted Genet, 1 Caracal and a Civet of more than 15kg.

Warthog13  Cape Fox03