Newsletter for 2012 hunting season

In the blink of an eye the year passed – it seems as if the months of 2012 just fell into a hole somewhere! We were fairly busy for the season and met many new and wonderful hunting friends from all over the globe. One specific 75 year old hunter from the island of Majorca immediately comes to mind. I have yet to meet such an energetic hunter at that age. He hunted for the small cats and mongooses - which is our speciality - and stayed up from 6 o' clock in the morning until 12 0, clock and even later at night - and always had a smile on his face. Such a gentleman – and that made me realise again why I am in this business – you meet incredible people that stay friends for life.

The season started early this year in January with a hunter from western Germany – Theodor Pass. He spent a week on our reserve during which he took a good Nyala bull, Mountain Reedbuck, Common Reedbuck, Grey Duiker as well as a Kafue Lechwe in a nearby hunting concession.

In April our main hunting season started when we were visited by 6 South African hunters which hunted mostly non-trophy meat animals. They took between them 4 Kudu, 2 Eland, 1 Burchell's Zebra, one Mountain Reedbuck and 7 Impala.

Our next two hunters from Feldkirch in Austria – Wilfried Matt and Adam Kekeis - arrived on 11 April at Bloemfontein airport via Johannesburg. We proceeded to our hunting area in the Karoo some 200km south of Bloemfontein. Wilfried's quest was for a Barbary Sheep as well as some small carnivores. We spent the first day near the town of Vanderkloof where Wilfried took a good Barbary Sheep ram. We then also started night hunting for Aardwolf (a small species of Hyena) and the Bat eared Fox. Both were taken in two separate nights. It was a first for Shikra Safaris since licenses are difficult to obtain and we get only a few licenses per season.

Wilfried also took a magnificent big Cape Eland bull and Adam spent most of the day to collect one very wary Black Springbuck ram. He got it eventually with the .222 Sako at 200meter.

Bateared Fox01  Barnaby Sheep02

Wilfried with Bat-eared Fox taken on special license, and Barbary Sheep in Karoo