Newsletter for 2014 hunting season

It is this time of the year again – hunting season finished, and like the migratory birds, we outfitters are getting ready for next year and the great migration to the northern Hemisphere to market our hunts on the fairs.

The season was really busy (and long) and started on 8 March with a lady from Austria, Diana, and finished on 20 October with a group again from Austria and Bavaria on a lion hunt.

The March hunt was conducted in my Karoo hunting area just south of the Vanderkloof dam in the Northern Cape (about 200km south of Bloemfontein airport). The hunt was mostly for small carnivores, but also for some other bigger plains game. In 8 days the lady took an Aardwolf (smallest hyena species feeding mostly on termites) and a Bat-eared Fox. She also took an excellent Scimitar-horned Oryx, White Blesbuck, White Springbuck, Black Spring buck and a Mountain Reedbuck. Some geese and duck hunting were also enjoyed

Our next two guests were from Germany and they hunted with us for 11 days during which time 12 trophies were taken including 3 Kudu bulls, 1 Nyala bull, 1 Waterbuck bull, 1 Zebra, Mountain Reedbuck, Impala and 2 Grey Duiker. It was a joyous hunt made so much better for the lots of humour and laughter of Michael Schapp, a farmer from the Göllnitz area.

Waterbuck04   Kudu13

From 22 to 25 April we had a French hunter mainly for a Serval, which he took on the first night! He also took an excellent Nyala bull in our Mkhunyane hunting area.

On 29 April we hosted a group of 4 small carnivore hunters from Austria for 10 days. They were organized and assisted by Heinz Lettner. This night hunting is very interesting and we are getting more and more hunters only for the small night creatures. These hunters are mostly very experienced and have hunted most of the general African trophies, and need these small trophies to complete their collections.