Kudu Nyala

The next safari with a hunter from the Netherlands was also mainly for small carnivores and he took Serval, Cape Fox, Black-backed Jackal, Side-striped Jackal as well as Civet, Mountain Reedbuck and Grey Duiker. His fellow hunter also took a big 13kg male Serval, Eland, Blesbuck, Springbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Common Reedbuck, Steenbuck and an Oribi.


During this same period we also had 3 German hunters from Göllnitz who first hunted in our Karoo area and then transferred to our Mkhunyane area in Mpumalanga province.

They took between them Oryx, Mountain Reedbuck, 5 Springbuck, 2 Impala, Bushbuck, Kudu, Common Reedbuck, 2 Blesbuck and a Red Hartebeest.

Oryx Springbuck

Our next and last hunter for April was a gentleman (literally in the true sense of the word) for Croatia (Laszlo) on his second safari with us. He hunted our Karoo hunting area and took Blesbuck, Aardwolf, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Steenbuck, Cape Eland, Hartmann Zebra and 2 Springbuck.