Philipp took a good Nyala bull, Kudu bull, Impala, Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest. Constance took an Impala – her first African Antelope.

Nyala Kudu

Our next hunter was from Croatia and he took a non-trophy Buffalo to warm him up for a bull in 2017.

An old hunting friend of many African safaris together spanning the best part of 14 years, was Harald from Austria. This old gentleman’s main wish was Sable – a long-time dream. Harald hunted with my son Charl in our Karoo hunting area and he took a good Sable, a good Red Lechwe and some culling Red hartebeest and Blue Wildebeest. We hope to still see him for the next 14 years. Harald is an expert on all aspects relating to guns and ammunition and he spent many evenings around the fire with the CEO of Blazer who also visited our Karoo hunting area as a host of my brother Mynhard.

Sable Antelope Red Lechwe

At the end of August, we picked up a first time German hunter to our hunting areas at OR Tambo International Airport. Axel’s wish was mainly small carnivores. I have never met such a dedicated carnivore hunter. Axel had no interest in hunting any day animals. He took 2 beautiful Serval (male and female), Rusty-spotted genet, Civet and a Cape Fox. It was indeed a pleasure to have hunted with him – great respect for the animals!