Our second Spanish hunter for the year was the brother of Manuel, who hunted with us in January. Juan and his bride Belen was also on honeymoon and fitted the hunt in with their travel schedule. It was Juan’s first hunt in Africa and he took Warthog, Mountain Reedbuck, Bushbuck and Impala. Belen took an Impala. We sincerely hope to host them again one day. Ethical walk and stalk hunting defined their hunting culture.

Mountain Reedbuck Bushbuck

Our last hunt in October was with 4 hunters from Austria. Guenther from Enns, is an old friend from many safaris also of more than 14 years. He was accompanied by Franz on his second safari with us and two new hunters from Uttendorf and Enns respectively. The heat during this hunt was intense and lingered around 40˚C.

Warthog Bushpig

Gunther took 4 Warthog, while Alfred took 3 and Josef one each. In Mkhunyane Alfred took 3 Impala and Franz one Bushbuck and one Kudu bull with an abnormal horn. Josef took a Kudu, Impala, Bushpig (during the day on a walk and stalk at 4 metres!) and a big Nyala bull.

Nyala Warthog Kudu bull with abnormal horns