It is nevertheless now more important than ever that we get the support of the international hunting community to ensure the survival of our wildlife (and our wildlife keepers). Due to the onslaught of the animal rights brigade, I also decided to only mention the names of the persons involved in hunting with us and deliberately included pictures of not clear quality in some instances.

During March we had 2 hunters from Hungary that wished to hunt mostly the small carnivores. They hunted 2 Rusty-spotted Genets, 1 Civet, 2 White-tailed Mongoose, 1 Serval, 2 Oribi (rarest of our antelope species in SA), 2 Bushbuck rams and 1 Common Reedbuck ram in 8 days of hunting.

We also hosted an old friend Dave from Newfoundland in Canada. It was his first hunt in Africa. His wife Eileen accompanied the seventy year plus old Dave, and we had a wonderful time together. Dave took a big Kudu bull, Impala ram and a Grey Duiker ram on walk and stalk hunting with my son Charl. We look forward to see them again in South Africa!