Jari hunted 1 Blesbuck ram, 1 Impala ram, and 2 Black-backed jackals, 1 Mountain Reedbuck ram, 1 Kudu bull, 2 Blue Wildebeest bulls, 2 Grey Duiker rams, 1 Impala ram and a Nyala bull.

Our next guests were from Holland. Peter and his lovely wife Monique and their daughter Nadine hunted in our Mkhunyane area during the middle of April. Peter’s main wish was the Serval cat and some other night creatures.

They hunted with Charl and Peter took a big male Serval, 1 White-tailed Mongoose, 1 Water Mongoose (very difficult to hunt), and 1 Cape Fox, 3 Porcupine, 1 Impala ram and 1 Common Reedbuck ram (Nadine shot it just as the sun went down).

The last group for April consisted of 4 hunters from Bulgaria, accompanied by my old friend Robert. One of the hunters Ventzeslav, also an old friend, wished to hunt his first Buffalo.