We hunted in the Pongola area in a very rugged and mountainous terrain for very wild Buffalo. We really worked hard and followed numerous tracks up and down mountains before we managed to get our trophy. The Buffalo was spotted from the top of a mountain and we made the stalk through some bad terrain before seeing a lone bull lying in the shadow of a tree. One shot laid the bull low. Ventzeslav then went on to hunt a big Eland Bull, 1 Common Reedbuck ram, 1 Black Wildebeest bull, 1 Red hartebeest bull and 5 culling Impala rams. This gentleman is really a hunter of the old school and a pleasure to hunt with.

Svetlin was on his first hunt in Africa and thoroughly enjoyed it. This air traffic controller is a crack shot and took several trophies, some under difficult hunting conditions. He took a big Kudu bull, 1 Zebra, 1 Blue Wildebeest bull, 1 Impala ram, 1 Blesbuck ram and a male Warthog.

Penko was on his second safari with us and took a Bushbuck ram, 1 Blesbuck ram, 1 Black Wildebeest bull, 1 huge Waterbuck bull, 1 Common Reedbuck ram, 1 Eland bull and a Mountain Reedbuck ram.