His friend Venelin, also an old friend (that is always full of good humour and a good hunter) hunted 1 very large Common Reedbuck ram, 1 Blesbuck ram, 1 Cape Eland bull and a Mountain Reedbuck ram. We also took the group to St Lucia for a day of relaxation. The hunt was conducted in our Mkhunyane area as well as in the 20 000 ha Pongolapoort game reserve. Both areas are very challenging and a must for the real hunter.

We were visited by Axel Engman with a Swedish client during the first week of May. The client hunted a Giraffe bull, a male Warthog and a good Bushbuck ram.

Our next hunter Dr Jim was from America. This real gentleman and good hunter was guided by Charl and he took a Hippopotamus, Buffalo bull, Sable bull, Nyala bull, Crocodile, Giraffe bull and an Impala ram. The hippopotamus was a real challenge as previous hunting in the area that we were unaware of until just before the hunt, really made the animals very wild and hunting almost impossible. Nevertheless Jim pulled it off and got his trophies under trying circumstances during the 10 day hunt.