In July we hosted 2 hunters accompanied by Divo from Croatia. The hunters took a Nyala bull, Common Reedbuck ram, Zebra, Kudu bull, Bushbuck ram (Charl poses with the client’s ram) and a Mountain Reedbuck ram. Trust my son to get the good old clever Bushbucks and Kudus! Divo took a Buffalo bull with me in the Limpopo Province – his life dream.

During August we hosted an old colleague of many years Marko form Serbia. He had some hunters from Switzerland with him. It turned out to be a really successful hunt!

The hunters have never hunted in South Africa before and they were all really experienced. The hunters were also very humorous and a good spirit prevailed.

We hunted in Mkhunyane Reserve for the first half of the safaris and then moved to the 20 000ha plus Pongolapoort Reserve.

Ivan, a very friendly man and an extremely good hunter, wanted a big Cape Buffalo bull. For that Marko, Ivan and I travelled to the Limpopo province. There we had our job cut out to get the bull since we were hunting for a specific animal that was very wild.

We followed tracks for endless kilometres but simply could not get within shooting range. The bull had some companions and kept running downwind of us. We eventually ambushed the bull and a neat shot through the heart ended the hunt. Well done!