The year has gone by at such a pace that it almost seems unbelievable. It feels like yesterday when I visited the Jagd & Hund and Hohe Jagd hunting expos in Europe.

We had a very good hunting year and I would like to give you a short summary of what we were up to during the past (2008) hunting season.

Our first hunt was in March with 2 Spanish hunters in the Mkhunyane Reserve. They took a Red Hartebeest, 2 Zebra, 2 Impala, Nyala and a Common Reedbuck. A Giraffe bull was also hunted with a bow, the first bow hunt kill ever in our reserve!.

In May we hunted with a group of 5 hunters from Austria. This hunt was in the middle of the Kudu rutting season and a lot of good bulls were spotted. At this time of the year the Mkhunyane Reserve is still green and the climate very pleasant.

The hunters took in total 22 animals which included 2 Kudu bulls, 6 Blue Wildebeest, a Waterbuck, Black Wildebeest, Eland, 3 Mountain Reedbuck and 4 Impala. The hunt was pleasant and the guys from Austria great companions!

This hunt was followed by a hunter from Germany (an orthopaedic surgeon), and what an exceptional man this was, keen sense of humour and a true hunter by heart. This hunter has done safaris all over the world and his one big wish was for a Serval Cat. As luck would have it he took a very large male on his first hunting day. It weighed more than 12kg. On the second night a big male Caracal was taken. Since this was a hunt essentially for the smaller nocturnal animals, a White-tailed Mongoose, and Large spotted Genet were also taken. He also took a 55" Kudu bull on Mkhunyane and a good Kafue Lechwe in a nearby hunting area. This last hunt was really tiresome and the hunter had his job cut out to get the animal, which was wounded with the first shot. The animal took cover in a swampy area and tracking was impossible.

Also in May, we had a group of 5 hunters from Croatia. These guys took 35 trophies which included 4 big Kudu bulls, 2 good Waterbuck bulls, 9 Warthog, (some with exceptional tusks), Mountain reedbucks, Impala's, Blesbucks and Blue Wildebeest. They also took 5 good Fallow Deer in a nearby hunting area. We had great fun with these hunters and they were to the man good hunters with a good sense of humour.

This hunt was followed by 4 more hunters from Croatia which took 48 trophies including 3 excellent Kudu bulls, Common Reedbuck, Blesbuck, Black Wildebeest, 5 Warthog, and Nyala etc. All were wonderful guys and ethical hunters.

In June Mkhunyane was visited by a young German hunter who took 18 trophies on his first hunt to South Africa. This included 5 Warthog, a Caracal, White-tailed Mongoose, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Mountain Reedbuck and good Fallow Deer in a nearby hunting area.