The year has again gone by at such a pace that it almost seems unbelievable. It feels like yesterday when I visited the Jagd & Hund and Hohe Jagd hunting expos, and the next exhibitions is already just 7 weeks away!.

We had a fair hunting year considering the world economic crisis with quite a few cancellations.

We were nevertheless visited by hunters from many different countries and had some wonderful moments in the African bush. The following is a short summary of what we were up to during the 2009 hunting season.

The hunting season kicked off with the arrival of Mr Gottfried Heer, the editor of the hunting magazine Safari und Jagd. He hunted a Burchell's Zebra, Mountain Reedbuck and a Blue Wildebeest bull. The Reedbuck hunt was especially challenging and Mr Heer eventually shot his ram at quite a distance. He did a write up on part of the hunt for his magazine and the next article on hunting on Mkhunyane will be in the January 2010 issue. Be on the lookout for it.

The next hunter was a very experienced hunter from Austria and his wife, that visited us for the first time. He has hunted all the larger trophy species. His next challenge was the small trophies for which our area is famous.

During a 9 day safari the gentlemen bagged a big Serval Cat which was his main quest, a Whitetailed Mongoose (the largest of the mongoose family that can weigh up to 5 kg!), Sidestriped Jackal (bigger that the Blackbacked Jackal), Cape Fox, Porcupine, Mountain Reedbuck, Common Reedbuck and 3 Blue Wildebeest cows (culling).

The next hunter to arrive was also an Austrian hunter and his Swiss fellow hunter and friend. This hunt was again for some specialist animals. After a very challenging 8 day safari the one hunter shot a very good 8" plus Vaalrhebuck in the Volksrust area. The hunt was very difficult and shooting distances was extreme (more than 250m).

The hunter was fortunately very fit and could walk the mountains with relative ease. Vaalrhebuck must rate as the ultimate South African trophy – it also occurs only in the mountains of South africa. He also hunted an Oribi on one of our concessions near Mkhunyane. This animal is very rare in South Africa and only about 15 permits are issued for the whole of South Africa in a given year.

Both hunters also hunted a Kafue Lechwe each in another of our hunting areas. This area harbours about 700 of these Lechwe and it is the largest population of pure Kafue Lechwe outside of Zambia (its natural habitat). The hunters also took 2 Serval Cats, Whitetailed Mongoose, a Cape Eland, Common Reedbuck, Warthog and a large Kudu bull. Both were very keen sportsmen and it was a pleasure to hunt with them

Our next guest was from Croatia and he hunted a big Kudu bull, Blesbuck, Impala, 2 Warthog Grey Duiker and a Blue Wildebeest bul.