The year is again over and it feels like yesterday when I visited the hunting expos in Europe!

We again had a good hunting year considering the world economic crisis and also the Soccer World Cup that resulted in a few cancellations. We were visited this season by hunters from Poland, Bosnia, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. The following is a short summary of what we were up to during the 2010 hunting season.

The hunting season kicked off in March with the arrival of a former Mig pilot from eastern Germany. His prime interest was a Nyala, but he lightly wounded it and we never found it as it left no blood. He managed to additionally bag very big Impala and Blesbuck trophies as well as a good Mountain Reedbuck.

The next hunt in April was by two Croatians. One hunter was especially interested in Kudu, in fact that was his life wish. He managed to hunt 3 big Kudu bulls as well as 3 Impala rams, a big Eland bull as well as 2 Warthog males and both Black and Blue Wildebeest bulls. His friend hunted a Kafue lechwe bull in a nearby hunting area of ours. He also took a Nyala, Waterbuck, Mountain reedbuck and a White Blesbuck. This was a really enjoyable hunt with 2 gentlemen that loved the chase.

Late April we were visited by our very fist three Polish hunters. This hunt was really enjoyable as these gentlemen had high hunting ethics and was really appreciative of everything we did for them. The hunters hunted between them 19 trophies including 4 Warthog males in our Kwazulu-Natal hunting area, a Bushbuck, 3 Kudu bulls, and some Grey Duikers, Blesbuck and Impala's. This was one of these hunts where you end up as good friends.

During May we hosted another 4 hunters from Croatia. The prime goal was a dart-hunt of a White Rhino bull in our Kwazulu-Natal hunting area, as well as a Crocodile. The Rhino hunt went well up to where it was darted at less than 10 meters after a careful stalk. The darted Rhino then ran away and was tracked during extremely hit conditions for at least 2km. It was then found and the horn measured after some genetic samples were taken. The crocodile was later hunted near the Kruger National Park. That was also an interesting hunt as the animal was very shy and it took several days to get it. These hunters also took some Zebra, Kudu, Common Reedbuck, Grey Duiker, Serval cat, Mountain reedbuck, Fallow Deer, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest and several Warthog males. In total some 46 trophies (9 per hunter) were taken by these 5 hunters during 10 days. The hunt was primarily conducted in Mkhunyane Reserve, Pongolapoort Game Reserve and the Kruger park area.