Newsletter for 2016 hunting season

It was a challenging year for us to do business. On all fronts there were attacks on our hunting industry, hell-bent on destroying it. We as hunters have big challenges ahead of us to save our passion. No doubt we in South Africa and elsewhere are also partly to blame for some of the attacks by the animal rights groups.

The breeding of artificial colour variants and intensive breeding of some species for trophy size, put and take hunting and hunting in small areas, no doubt also helped to put pressure on the SA hunting industry and gave us a bad name with international hunters. We in Shikra Safaris pride ourselves that we are not associated with these practises and strive to give our hunters a unique and personal African experience where it is not only about hunting, but also all the other aspects of nature surrounding it. We apologize for the quality of the pictures in the newsletter, but it was deliberately done to protect our hunting friends from possible attacks by the animal rights groups. I also removed many pictures from the gallery of our web-page.

Newsletter for 2015 hunting season

In the blink of an eye the past hunting season slipped by again! Bad thing about it is that each year we are also a year older! It is also again time of year to prepare for the hunting fairs in the Northern Hemisphere. In spite of the current economic climate we did fairly well in the past season. We had clients from all over the world visiting us and almost none went home without their hunting wishes being completely fulfilled!

Our season for 2015 kicked off with an old fried Daan Roux visiting me from New Zealand to which he emigrated a few years ago. I also hunted my first Buffalo with Daan in 1985 so it was special to have him and his daughter Mart-marie with us in Mkhunyane Reserve where she took a 17 inch Blesbuck and a good Mountain Reedbuck on q walk and stalk hunt.

Also in April another old friend Wilfried Matt from Austria and his friend Adam visited us. It was Wilfried's wish to hunt an old Cape Buffalo bull. This he accomplished after a nerve wrecking stalk that brought us to within 15 metres of a small group of Buffalo. One shot later and the death bellow of the very old bull a short while later signified the beginning of a big game hunting career (Wilfried said he is ready for the next one immediately). We then moved to my home hunting area Mkhunyane Reserve.