Newsletter for 2013 hunting season

Outside it is raining for the first time in many months; we had 19 mm for October, which makes it the driest spring in several years. Although the habitat in our Mkhunyane Reserve is in fairly good condition due to last season's good rains, we hope our main rains will come soon. I am sitting and pondering about the past season's hunting, which was long, we hunted non-stop from middle March until last week. While busy hunting it seemed that the season will never end but again it passed in the blink of an eye (and we are all one year older!). We were blessed with an exceptional year and again had the opportunity to hunt with old friends and meet new hunting friends from all over Europe.

Newsletter for 2012 hunting season

In the blink of an eye the year passed – it seems as if the months of 2012 just fell into a hole somewhere! We were fairly busy for the season and met many new and wonderful hunting friends from all over the globe. One specific 75 year old hunter from the island of Majorca immediately comes to mind. I have yet to meet such an energetic hunter at that age. He hunted for the small cats and mongooses - which is our speciality - and stayed up from 6 o' clock in the morning until 12 0, clock and even later at night - and always had a smile on his face. Such a gentleman – and that made me realise again why I am in this business – you meet incredible people that stay friends for life.